Saturday, November 20, 2010

Partition Recovery

We get hundreds of clients per year that are in need of partition recovery. There are many reasons a partition disappeared. For example, viruses can wipe out an entire partition on a computer causing no access to the data. In other cases, users can accidentally wipe out their partition by reinstalling the operating system. The old data might still exist, but finding it can be a challenge. In these cases, it is best if you do not continue to use the hard drive as you may inadvertently overwrite data.

ReWave Data Recovery provides a free evaluation for partition recovery and a no data-no fee policy. If you have missing files and need data retrieval, please contact us at 866-739-2835 as soon as possible.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recovery of Data

ReWave specializes in the recovery of data from any type of storage media including desktop, laptop, and external hard drives, servers, NAS and SAN units, picture cards, USB devices, and more. The recovery of data requires a company that is highly skilled in hard disk technology. ReWave has over 18 years of experience recovering data ranging in difficulty from simple cases of deleted files to flood and fire damaged hard drives and servers.

If you have experienced a loss of data, contact us today for a free evaluation at 866-739-2835.

We offer data recovery to any location worldwide.

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